Not much to say here, folks. This website is a mess. I don’t know anything about websites. I prefer tactile crafts. Papers, pens, scissors. It’s hard to make something other people will believe in when you don’t believe in it yourself.

I’ve stopped making art lately, for the most part. I got happy and self confident and found my inspiration running dry. That’s when I realized I was only ever good at making art because I was unhappy. My discontent was the fodder for endless self-involved drawings and minicomics and self-portraits. Now that I’m happy, I don’t feel all that special compared to other people. There’s not all that junk being repressed on a daily basis, so I don’t need to sit alone in a room and draw to let it all out. I express myself healthily from day to day. I laugh, I communicate. I am normal. And my art has gone dormant as a result. But my life is full of other things. What you’ll see here is the stuff I created two or more years ago.


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